BTK Bulut Drive Terms of Service

  • After BTK Bulut purchase and user identification procedures are completed, it is possible to log in to the system with Username and Password.
  • Your user is created by our support teams for personal use, and by your institution for corporate use. In corporate uses, you can log in with your AD (active directory) username and password. For personal uses, the Password Determination e-mail is sent to the person's defined e-mail address, which is required to log in to the system. The password is entirely the user's own.
  • https://bulut.btk.gov.tr/app/tr-tr/App/Transfer/BTKBulut You can login with your username and password. Signing the Membership Agreement is mandatory at the first login.
  • You can access the Membership Agreement from the About section under your username.
For user manual Click here.